Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28 - Toronto

Photo: "11 PM and Still no Sign of Axl Rose" by World_Tour

January 28 - Toronto

Start time: 11:27 PM (Axl arrives on stage in wheelchair)

Chinese Democracy
Welcome to the Jungle

"Sorry about the time delay, got a little carried away jumping off stuff last night. Getting ready for this show was like 'what the fuck?' Anyway, I'm here now."

It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone

"A DJ on the radio said that we were expected to be on stage at 2 AM - so I'm early"

Richard Fortus guitar solo
Live and Let Die
If the World
Dizzy Reed piano solo
Street of Dreams
Rocket Queen
Catcher in the Rye (for JD Salinger)
DJ Ashba solo
Sweet Child O' Mine
Axl Rose piano solo (Someone Saved My Life Tonight)
November Rain
Ron Thal solo (Pink Panther theme)
You Could Be Mine

Axl says he remembers the show last night but not the time after. Richard says he saw Axl at the bar.

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Axl talks about how much problems they had planning the tour and going to Asia without management. He says the band really wanted to play here, since 06.



Shackler's Revenge
This I Love
Paradise City

First "Sold Out" show of the tour! Gonna be a good one!

Click here for local time in Toronto, Ontario.

By the way, I'll be getting my updates tonight from Here Today ... Gone to Hell!

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Anonymous said...

After a 2 hour wait he shows up, puts on a great show. Too bad though. 2 hours??? I'm sure people were pissed leaving with no transit access. If it was a restaurant and I had my appetizer, then had to wait two hours for a main course I would have left without paying. Sorry GnR, but as a fan since high school in the 80's I'm done. Piss off. No more of my money for you, ever. Seriously, I could have watched Avatar between two acts at a concert. That's just wrong.