Thursday, January 12, 2012

John O'Brien Benefit / Velvet Revolver Reunion

Thanks -- as usual -- to FunkyMonkey at HTGTH

Setlist: Sucker Train Blues, She Builds Quick Machines, Slither, Wish You Were Here

(Slash played "Gotten" with Maroon 5)

From Duff's blog today
I am playing a show at LA's House of Blues tonight with the original formation of Velvet Revolver, which includes lead singer Scott Weiland. It is a long story, really, but the crux of it is that we are playing a benefit, with proceeds going directly to a friend's wife and her two children. When it comes to the welfare of kids, old grudges or whatever, are put aside. But the fact is that the re-formation of the five of us has got a lot of people talking. Good. Just as long as they buy tickets to this show, right?
Update Thread

"Guns N' Roses Reunion: A Timeline"

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